Thursday, November 22, 2012

Where do we go from here...

-Ben Franklin

Everglades, Florida
The abstraction that there is no such thing as a new idea, great idea, or an idea that triumphs over all preexisting ideas left me in revolution. How could this be? Is that not what separates the great thinkers, artists, creatives, and business savvy elites from the rest of us?

Life must come from preexisting life, biogenesis. But had the father of biogenesis, Louis Pasteur, accepted this concept as the same underlying force that pushed his discovery to fruition?  This argument arises more often than not on the metaphysical side of an argument, but I am not taking this out of the concrete. We are discussing epistemology, ideas from ideas. Where else have we seen this argument before?

Eastern Brown Pelican
(Pelicanus occidentalis)
Everglades, Florida
Life from life requires a very simple transfer of energy. The energy that fuels the very physiological processes that sustain my wellbeing at one point sustained another living organism. With that line of transfer always tracing back to the primary producers, our photosynthetic organisms. These organisms do not consume another living entity to fuel their growth, but rather harness nonliving organic and inorganic sources of energies. These essential photosynthetic organisms produce NO new energy, they simply craft a form that has metabolic value from another source that otherwise would be deemed impractical. A living demonstration of the law of conservation.
 Remember, our ideas come from other ideas. Someone has had the very same thoughts you are having now. The statistical likelihood that you could string together a sentence or idea that no one had already previously synthesized seems like a shot in the dark. With the exponential growth and ever increasing number of human individuals currently pacing around this planet, clearly someone out there is sharing the very thoughts streaming across your “unique” brain. Interpose our psycho-epistemological intuition, and then there really is NO hope of creating a new idea. But that is our realization, my revolution.

The ideas, action plans, schematics, step-by-step plans, blue prints, maps, graphs, charts, musical notes, designs, and motivation are out there for you to find.

We all want to change, improve, and motivate ourselves to pursue our dreams and conquer our personal quest. The energy to do so is there along with the “how”, you simply need to find the sources that will best fit your transcription. The best ideas are ideas that see the light of day. Your idea might not be new, but that is what we are working with. People have already done what you are trying to do, look to them for guidance and advance what they have already done. Let cooperation be the artistic style you use to blend the colorful strategies used by many to do whatever it is you want to do.
Look to those that have traveled or who travel in the direction you wish to take your personal journey.

                  Take a look at an example of these two individuals and their ideas. Their ideas share a common direction and together they are nourishing one another’s energies to make their ideas happen. It is not their ideas that are so unique but rather their ability to “do” that holds the lesson to be learned. How you choose to use their motivation, determination, and persistence is up to you.